About us

zohaib sherazi motors sargodha

Syed Safder Hussain Sherazi

Founder of Zohaib Sherazi motors

Syed Zohaib Safder Sherazi

Owner of Zohaib Sherazi motors

About us

Founded in 1984, Zohaib Sherazi Motors has become Sargodha’s #1 automotive showroom. Since its inception, Zohaib Sherazi Motors has helped millions of Pakistanis buy & sell automobiles.

Today, Zohaib Sherazi Motors is the first name that comes to mind if anyone is looking for  buying car in Sargodha. This kind of success has made Zohaib Sherazi Motors a prominent name in the automotive industry of Sargodha

Zohaib Sherazi Motors is the 1st showroom which started car jumma bazaar in Sargodha.