Car Inspection

Get a Detailed 200+ check points inspection report and buy used cars with complete peace of mind.

Why ZS Motors Car Inspection?

Comprehensive Report

Detailed digital report includes road test, photos and car condition report.

Qualified Technicians

Specialist technicians providing comprehensive vehicle inspection across Pakistan.

Peace of Mind

Get the information you need to make an informed decision on your next vehicle purchase.

What’s Included In The Inspection?


Using a scanning tool plugged into the engine management system to identify any fault codes.


Checks are done on air conditioning, horn, seat belts, locks, warning lights and more.

Accident Damage

A paint depth gauge test is used to check for previous cosmetic repairs. A visual inspection is used for evidence of accident.

Exterior/Body Frame

Visual inspection for rust, previous body repairs, panels and suspension.

Road Test

Checks are done on brake operation, engine noise, exhaust emissions, steering/suspension and more.